The Journal of Discarded Daydreams
is a new hybrid online and physical interdisciplinary bi-annual journal that is a defence of the poetic and aesthetic in the face of the collapse of the Arts and Humanities in Universities, which is accompanied by the threat to freedom of speech in systems that can domesticate and silence those within them.  

Its simple aim is to open up a space for artists, philosophers and writers to publish extracts, dialogues, daydreams and fragments of new and uncertain work that explore and erode disciplinary boundaries - letting academics and creatives decompress from the formal, impact driven decision making and corporate language that focuses on data and outputs.  

Temporality is key and this time-sensitive experiment is not intended to last outside of its demonstration of an attitude, of a response, of a collection of encounters.

Editor: Lyn Hagan

Editorial Team: Louise Mackenzie, Olivia Turner, Pauline Trotry, Margaret Gray

Print: Overlay Press 

*The Journal of Discarded Daydreams is funded by the Enhancing Research Culture Fund from Newcastle University

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